5-Ingredient Recipe Pack

Perfect for the time-poor, health conscious woman (with a love of cycling).

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Just 5-Ingredients

Need we say anything more? Well, apart from that these ingredients are also easy to find.

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Healthy and delicious

What a combo! There's no sacrificing here, and we have a range of recipes covering breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

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Quick and easy to follow

We get it, and we salute you, busy lady - now go and enjoy those 15 minutes you've just saved yourself.

We chose five ingredients to make it quick and easy for all the busy women out there. Although lots of diversity is key when we plan our meals, sometimes a simple ingredient list is more enticing to cook. This little pack gives you a quick option whilst keeping good nutrition high on the priority list. We’ve also added some extra pantry staples to the mix here and there if you feel like a little extra.

Emily Manchon
Bicyclette Founder

BICYCLETTE 5-Ingredient Recipe Pack

Let us make life easier for so you can spend more time enjoying the ride!


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