Hello, I'm Emily Manchon.


I've always been pulled towards female participation in sport of any kind, not only because I know first hand how good it feels to be active, but I also know how good sport is for us as females. From physical health to mental wellbeing, to the belonging to a group to socialising with likeminded people. There are no negatives in sport. And cycling is no different, it just requires a little more equipment and a wee bit more confidence. It's achieveable to start riding a bike with a little bit of help - and that's where I come in.

About Emily.


From as early as I can remember, I was cartwheeling off the basketball court confused as to whether I was participating in gymnastics or basketball that day. I was fortunate enough to find some skills in the ball sport though which lead me to a scholarship at the Queesland Academy of Sport during my teenage years, where a lot of learnings about nutrition and strength & conditioning were solidified.

By my 20's, and following a stint in the USA playing some basketball, I suffered a head injury on the court and lost all confidence with the round ball game. Somehow or another this led me to the sport of Triathlon... and this is where my life changed for the better. I remember that first ride like it was yesterday. I'd always loved running (still do!), but you can go soooo much further on a bike AND you can talk to people at the same time!

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't all smooth sailing into the world of cycling, there were falls from forgetting to unclip, mishaps with nutrition, and aches from being underprepared or having the wrong bike set up. I've learnt A LOT and I wish to pass this info on to YOU.

Even though my days of racing competitively on the triathlon scene are on hold while my kids are so young, I'm really enjoying the social aspect of riding, motivating others and putting together this program to encourage women, mums, busy ladies, and teenage girls to jump on a bike.

I'd love you to join me, drop me a note anytime. 

A little note from the side... I have been teaching children how to transition to 2 wheels and pedals fo a few years now, and I also run a schools bike skills course. My cycling coach qualification is with AusCycling, I have my first aid certificate and Working with Children Blue Card and I hold public liability and professional indemnity policies. 

Hello, I'm Kirrily Tutt.



About Kirrily.


Training has always been a huge part of Kirrily’s life, growing up she competed in track & field athletics at State level, which led on to an interest in Olympic distance triathlon, and sparked her curiosity for getting nutrition right for both training and race days. As a cyclist, Kirrily also actively competed in a number of bike racing events over the years with local teams in South East Queensland, as well as the National Road Series.

Being a Personal Trainer over 15 years, Kirrily is not only passionate about health and fitness, but strives for being the best version of herself, inside and out. The addition of becoming an Accredited Sports Dietitian provides Kirrily with a more holistic view of health, and along with her personal sporting ventures, makes for a well-rounded Sports Dietitian.